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Artificial intelligence Solutions(Ai)

IndianMark provides Redefine your business and accelerate your digital transformation by implementing cutting-edge artificial intelligence services in your business. From workflow automation to video analysis, get everything you need to empower your business operations.

Your World - Class AI Agency for Computer Vision

We provide rapid and cost-effective, high precision, secure model deployment for enterprises

IndianMark is a new type of solution provider for all critical or complex artificial intelligence projects involving images. With a unique combination of world-class data scientists and our proprietary IMAi_Vision™ deployment platform, we deliver client solutions in the most rapid, secure, and cost-effective way.

Enterprise AI and Machine Learning

Build efficient AI solutions that can assist you in all the complex operations in your business by using our expert artificial intelligence services. Interpret complex data, detect trends and similar patterns, and locate frauds before they cause serious troubles using our smart machine learning solutions. With our enterprise-ready AI platforms you can manage your business without any human interference.

  • Enterprise AI Strategy
  • Machine Learning Solutions
  • Interpret Complex Data
  • Integration of ML Algorithms
  • Business Process Automation
  • ML Model Development

Robotic Process Automation

Create robotic machines that help reduce your efforts, minimize human errors, and make your daily business operations more productive and efficient. Bring innovation in your organization and make your brand stand apart from your competitors with the use of smart AI services. Hire expert AI developers from IndianMark, and implement Robotic Process Automation in your organization today.

  • Automated Operations
  • RPA Development Services
  • Custom RPA Solution
  • Automatic Report Generation
  • RPA Integration Services
  • Mobile RPA Applications

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Analysis

Charge your systems with the ability to understand, analyze, and manipulate human sentiments and enhance your customer service process. Create algorithms that simplify large amounts of data and offer unsupervised machine learning experience. Backed by powerful AI algorithms, our NLP Analysis service can refine your chatbot development for enhanced customer service and revenues.

  • Analyze User Data
  • Business Intelligence
  • Powerful Data Insights
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Data-backed Decisions
  • Smart & Advanced Chatbots

Conversational AI

Enrich your customer service experience with smart and cost-effective chatbot development services. Leverage our years of experience and reliable machine learning capabilities to build personalized chatbot solutions for your sales, marketing, and customer service operations. With our efficient artificial intelligence services, we ensure your maximum digital engagement and long lasting customer relationship with smart chatbot solutions.

  • Improved Marketing Efforts
  • Chatbot Development
  • AI Chatbot Integration Services
  • Bot Framework Services
  • Virtual Assistant Integration
  • Conversation Design

Computational Vision

Automate your existing enterprise applications to identify, analyze, and offer useful insights from captured images and videos using our AI services. Seamlessly address the modern-day problems of your business using smart AI solutions like facial recognition, biometric authentication & detection, pattern recognition, and object recognition system. Improve your business’ efficiency, and automate your complex processes at reduced cost.

  • Automated Image Processing
  • Video Processing
  • Facial Recognition System
  • Automated analysis Solutions
  • Text Translation
  • Computer Vision Integration

Recommendation System Development

Offer a completely unique and smarter user-experience to your valuable customers with the help of a custom recommendation system based on advanced AI algorithms. Make the best use of machine learning, backed by artificial intelligence services to recommend the best options based on the user’s interaction with your business. Hire our certified AI experts and redefine your services in a smarter way.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Accurate Recommendations
  • Better Sales & Brand Value
  • Development Services
  • System Integration
  • Mobile Recommendation System

Featured Use Cases of AI Development

Discover the unique use cases of our AI development services that have helped many companies to bring the best for their business.

Predictive Sales Analytics

Automate your lead generation activities, and get accurate sales forecasts with smart AI-driven solutions. Design personalized and result-oriented marketing campaigns and launch them on the right time, and at the right place with unsupervised ML-based predictive analytics software. A digitally smart solution that offers you accurate sales of your business well-in advance, and eliminates stock-out conditions.

Fraud Detection System

Eliminate all the frauds and data leaks for your bank and finance institutions by developing a custom and secure fraud detection system. Assess the account behaviour in each transaction, and validate the transactions in real-time using smart ML algorithms. Build a smart, and self-learning system that can spot and stop all the potential frauds and eventually help you raise your banking and finance services.

Conversational Chatbots

Develop and integrate your customized voice-driven conversational bots to enhance your customer services and business operations. An interactive bot development service that can streamline all your complex HR and customer service operations in no time. Backed with advanced NLP services, conversational chatbots can mimic human-responses to engage the users and improve the customer experience.

Recommender Engine

Engage your users in the most personalized manner and increase your per-user revenue with recommendation system development. Backed with smart machine learning algorithms, a recommender engine is a popular tech platform of the media and entertainment industry that offers personalized suggestions and promotional content based on the user's interests and past activities.

Network Management System

Monitor your networks and detect faults in them in real-time using an AI-based network management platform. Apply predictive models and robotic process automation tools in your existing telecom systems to analyze and resolve all the queries related to your networks and devices while sitting remotely. Witness an unsupervised machine learning experience that facilitates innovation in network management.

Virtual Learning Platform

Now engage with the students more efficiently with an AI-based learning management system. A completely virtual learning platform specifically built for assisting the educational institutes in personalized online tutoring. Backed with AI algorithms, a virtual learning management system offers detailed analytics on each student’s performance, and even enables you to conduct examinations remotely.


At IndianMark, we use trending programming languages and technology platforms to ensure a smooth and reliable AI solution.