Our current site and infrastructure are built on a specific technology. Is IndianMark able to support it?

IndianMark’s web development teams include PHP & .NET specialists with expertise in a wide range of frameworks, Content Management Systems and server stacks. We support most industry-standard technologies, and we’re happy to look under the hood for anything custom-made. Call us to discuss your requirements and how we can best support your needs.

What processes do you have in place to manage the risks involved in updating my website?

Our QA team rigorously tests development output using a library of physical devices, supported by in-house Virtual Machines and testing software such as BrowserStack. We also use continuous integration tools such as Jenkins to automate deployment, reducing the risk of human error and allowing us to easily rollback to a safe state if issues do arise.

We’ve invested a lot in our CRM setup. Can my website feed customer data directly into it?

Many CRM systems will provide an API, which can be used by websites and other development projects, to send and receive data with your preferred CRM. The IndianMark development teams have experience integrating CRM systems with many platforms and custom-made systems.

Are we able to use pre-built themes to speed up development?

Using a pre-built theme as a starting point can be a huge benefit in reducing initial development cost. This can be a real boost to a fledgling project, however, there are mitigating factors that should be considered.

A pre-built theme maybe harder to adapt than a custom-made theme, and could increase the total project cost if the project strays too far from the limitations of the theme. An “off-the-shelf” theme may also be of varying quality and may contain bugs that do not become apparent until the project is underway.

In situations where a pre-built theme is the best solution for a project, we will QA test a third-party theme before implementing it, so that we are able to bring the theme up to IndianMark standards.