Our website solutions are creative, functional and highly engaging. We bring clarity and simplicity to this complex discipline and keep at the forefront of the key technologies and trends that direct the online world.

As a result, our solutions integrate with the ever-growing landscape of social networking tools and embrace the interactive. Our websites deliver an outstanding online presence and achieve proven commercial results.

A platform-agnostic agency, we always use the most appropriate technology for every project we work on. However, as we've worked extensively on them for many years, we're renowned for our expertise in Wordpress, Joomla!, Drupal, and Magento platforms.

Choosing the right platform depends on a variety of factors: existing site, multilingual, multi-domain, eCommerce store, content driven, user content, and other factors.

At Indianmark, we work with our clients' core requirements and provide our experience in platforms to provide a suitable recommendation on the platform that will best fulfill the clients' needs now, and will scale with the client as they grow.

Understanding the problem

Our aim is to solve the problem, be it a more user friendly site experience, a smoother product work flow, better performance or increasing conversions.

To do this we start our projects off with a technical analysis and discovery phase. We liaise with key stakeholders, business analysts, end users, existing teams and operations.

We review the existing work flow, assets and code to produce our recommendations. We use a mixture of the traditional waterfall or agile development methods depending on the needs of the client, size of the project and project delivery date.


Before development we will produce:

  • A review of the existing system, including recommendations on replacements, code refactoring and improvements
  • A complete feature set for the dream product
  • A minimal viable product feature set
  • User Interface and wireframes
  • Prioritized list of deliverables

Performance is everything

Here at Indianmark, it’s something we factor into everything we design, create, develop, animate, write, and produce. Because if we can’t noticeably improve the performance of your digital presence, then we are not doing our job.

We work closely with our in-house conversion optimization team to improve conversion. Our designers create visually appealing, relevant look and feel, and our conversion optimization experts test, analyze, and refine every page to ensure it performs just as beautifully.

From a design perspective, performance is seamlessly incorporated into every digital project we work on for the simple reason that every asset your browser downloads to display has a weight to it. In other words, the lighter, cleaner and more agile we can make your website or app, the better its performance will be.

So our creative experts continually review and refine what we need to display on each web page in the design and development process to create a fast, relevant, and enjoyable user experience. One that will load quickly, respond instantly, and let the viewer do - and access - everything they want the second they want it.

Because when users can do this, they’ll stay longer, enjoy the experience more and are more likely to purchase. They’ll come back more often, too, and share this positive experience with others.

We can improve your performance through a variety of techniques:

  • Backend code optimization
  • Order of execution
  • Content Delivery Network usage (CDN)
  • Server configuration

Mobile development

Your customers expect a consistent brand experience across all platforms. Whether you’re looking to build a native or browser-based app, or whether you’re looking to streamline your website’s mobile layouts, we enhance your mobile offering with tailored user journeys and device-centric functionality. Indianmark offers iOS and Android development and brings a best-practice approach to web and app development across all platforms.