Email marketing is more than the communication that ends up in someone’s inbox.

It is about your customers and making sure you are sending each audience a message that resonates with them. Let’s face it, in today’s world, your customers are defining their engagement.

Email marketing is a direct marketing communication that can be easily targeted, dynamically generated, automated, and measured.

With over a decade of experience, IndianMark is able to work with your team to define, develop, and execute a communication strategy that will deliver results.

Why IndianMark?

At IndianMark, we take pride in our measurement and analysis.

We work hard to make you look good. Our customer-centric point of view keeps us focused on effective and efficient strategies.

Being efficient means more than getting the biggest bang for your buck. We consider email marketing the glue that holds all digital touch points together.

IndianMark is well versed in delivering dynamic content and strategising for marketing automation. Where many operate in silos, we do quite the opposite. We have a full-service team of experts who collaborate in order to gain the best results against your objectives.

How to get started?

With your goals in mind, we will use a proven 200-point audit to review your current efforts. We will score your results and provide recommendations in areas such as:

  • Impact
  • Offer and response
  • Online and mobile rendering
  • Social
  • Legal

Each category includes sub-categories, making up a total potential score of 200 points. With your score in hand, we can discuss ways to improve your current email efforts.

Our approach

Email is both an art and a science. At IndianMark, we take a scientific approach to create thoughtful and engaging customer experiences. 

There are four phases to our approach.

1. Discovery phase

We audit your current email performance. We use a proven 200-point audit that allows for a deeper understanding of your current email campaigns.

2. Implementation & training

During this phase, we will put the communication strategies in place to automate your email programs. Additionally, we will provide training and campaign management services.

3. Set up

We will work together to ensure a smooth set-up inclusive of defining goals, business rules and timelines.

4. Analyze & refine

We don’t stop there! We will continually analyze and make recommendations for improvements.


Think of us as a star player on your team.

Whether you need creative, a full-blown contact strategy, or deliverability guidance, you can count on us.

With dedicated account managers and email marketing professionals backing you up, you can reach new heights with your marketing efforts. We also offer consulting and self-service options. 

Our fully managed services include:

  • Strategy and automation
  • Responsive design
  • Email creative
  • Email development
  • List management
  • Campaign creation
  • Quality assurance
  • Deliverability
  • Custom reporting